Saturday, October 17, 2015

The impressive rookie class of 2015

About two months ago there was plenty of Minnesota chatter about Miguel Sano as Rookie of the Year. That chatter waned with his September production (.241/.364/.435).

As it turns out, Sano didn't even make Baseball America's All-Rookie Team. BA used the DH slot to get Carlos Correa on the team, and Correa's not at short because of Francisco Lindor. (A third rookie shortstop, Addison Russell, was listed at second base.) And of course, third base went to Kris Bryant. 

Nor did Eddie Rosario or Trevor May or Tyler Duffey make the mythical BA squad. There were simply a lot of very good rookies breaking in this year.

Bryant is certain to be named the National League Rookie of the Year. The AL award figures to be a close vote between Correa and Lindor. I'd go with Correa, but there's no way to say a Lindor voter is wrong, They're both terrific players.

Nor does the exclusion of the four Twins demean their seasons or futures. There were simply other rookie outfielders and pitchers who had better major league seasons.

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