Saturday, June 13, 2015

Happy Buxton Day

Byron Buxton in spring training.
He wore 70 in Fort Myers this spring,
but he'll wear 25 now.
No sooner posted than said. A few hours after I noted the surge in anticipation of the arrival of Byron Buxton, the Twins announced his callup.

I am curious about how the Twins will make room for him. They had a spot on the 40 man roster availed after designating Tim Stauffer for assignment, so that's taken care of. Somebody currently on the 25-man roster has to make room.


  • Aaron Hicks, who missed Sunday's game with a suddenly sore elbow, might go on the disabled list. That, obviously, might hinge on what's wrong with his hinge.
  • The Twins have an eight-man bullpen, as they have for weeks, and occasionally make noises about getting back down to seven relievers. The most likely targets for demotion/DFA there are Aaron Thompson and Brian Duensing, but they are the two lefties in the bullpen. Neither is faring well, but I doubt that Paul Molitor wants to go to one LOOGY.
  • Shane Robinson, who has been an effective reserve outfielder, might be seen as superfluous with Buxton, Hicks and Eddie Rosario all on the roster. (They are all at least CF capable.)

I'll say this: There's no good reason to see Eduardo Escobar in left field now.

And an outfield with Buxton in center with Hicks and Rosario on the flanks -- I'd opt for Hicks in right and Rosario in left, but I won't argue it too strongly -- would really be a boon to the pitchers.

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