Saturday, May 9, 2015

Feelin' a draft: May edition

We are roughly one month away from the June draft, in which the Twins will pick sixth. (It would have been fifth had the Astros not alienated Brady Aiken last summer, but they did, and their reward for failing to sign 2014's top overall pick is 2015's second overall pick, which nudges everybody else down one spot.)

I haven't posted much, if anything, about the 2015 draft class, partly because nothing's been very clear to me about it. The spring has been marked by a string of severe injuries to consensus top players (including Aiken, who had Tommy John surgery in March), and Arizona, which has the top pick, appears confounded by the task of winnowing the field. (Dave Stewart, the D-backs' general manager, has reportedly seen 30 prospects himself this spring, a ridiculously high figure for a GM.)

But on Friday Baseball America posted its first mock draft of the year, which it describes as "futile" but "fun." Mock Draft 1.0 projects Daz Cameron, high school outfielder and son of 17-season outfielder Mike Cameron, going to the Twins.

BA's editor in chief, John Manuel, had this paragraph in his column in the most recent print edition (talking about the lack of consensus among teams in this year's draft):

Other teams will prefer Daz Cameron out of Georgia, the son of ex-big leaguer Mike Cameron, who seems to suffer in comparison to his tooled-up father. Cameron is more of a well-rounded prospect with good but not great tools, somewhat resembling 2014 first-rounder Nick Gordon, in that his savvy can be underrated and his tools overrated at times.
Nick Gordon, of course, was the Twins' top pick last summer.

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