Friday, April 17, 2015

Three series into the season

The Twins have now played nine games, which is 5.5 percent of the season. That's not a lot.

Still, we've seen already some of the problems foreseen with this roster. The glovework has been weak -- the outfield is short on range and the middle infield has problems turning double plays. The bullpen is thin -- any team needs more than one reliable right-handed arm in its relief corps, and Casey Fien is the only one who approximates that description.

These things are true and significant, and yet the Twins just took two of three from a Kansas City team whose strongest points are exactly those weaknesses -- outstanding defense and a a deep bullpen, especially from the right side.

A 3-6 record is certainly nothing to celebrate, but the Twins aren't as bad as they looked in the 1-6 stretch that opened the season, Nobody's that bad. But they're also not as good as management appears to think they are, My guess is that the roster shakeup -- and there will be one -- will come in about a month.

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