Saturday, November 8, 2014

A different list of managerial candidates

Dave Martinez would seem a likely winner of the
Tampa Bay managerial job.
As the Twins were wrapping up their managerial search, the Tampa Bay Rays were starting theirs.

This week, they released a list of eight names. None of whom, for what it's worth, were among the seven candidates the Twins interviewed for their opening.

Unlike the Twins, the Rays have a couple of former big league managers (Don Wakamatsu and Manny Acta) on their list. Also unlike the Twins, they have a current player (Raul Ibanez) and an ex-player who has been in a front office role (Craig Counsell) on their list. Like the Twins, they have their Triple A manager on the list (Charlie Montoya) and coaches from other teams (Ron Wotus of the Giants and Kevin Cash of the Indians).

And, like the Twins, they have an internal candidate who should be seen as the favorite for the job: Dave Martinez. The 50-year-old Martinez had a 16-year playing career that included three seasons with the then-Devil Rays. More significantly, Martinez has been Joe Maddon's right-hand man on the coaching staff for years.

I had expected Martinez to be on the Twins radar. I will be surprised if the Rays don't promote him.

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