Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Perkins and Neshek

Glen Perkins and Kurt Suzuki have done this a few times
this season, but this celebration was for the All-Star Game.

Two native Minnesotans, both of whom came up to the Twins in 2006.

Pat Neshek had the more immediate success. Then he got hurt, had a falling out with the organization, was waived, bounced from franchise to franchise, suffered a horrible family tragedy, and now, suddenly, has re-emerged as a bullpen force. He was named to the NL All-Star team ... and took the loss Tuesday night.

Glen Perkins, who had a bit role in 2006, claimed a spot in the starting rotation in 2008. By 2009 he had pitched his way out of the rotation. By 2010 he was in the organizational doghouse and barely topped 20 major league innings. A lot of us expected him to go the way of Neshek, discarded as more hassle than he was worth.

Instead, he patched things up with the front office, embraced a bullpen role, was pretty much the one bright spot to the 2011 season, and now is the closer and a two-time All-Star. And on Tuesday, he got to close out the American League's win in his home park.

Two native Minnesotans, two All-Star bullpenners, two different travels from the same crossroads.

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