Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pic of the Week

Avisail Garcia demonstates how difficult it is to play
outfield with one's eyes shut.

This play, in a roundabout way, helps demonstrate the silliness of using runs-batted-in as a projective stat.

This outfield blunder by Garcia, the White Sox right fielder, came in the third inning of Thursday's Twins game and turned a well-hit but eminently catchable ball hit by Chris Colabello into a three-run "double."

Colabello ended the game with six RBIs, but these three were a gift from the White Sox. Yet the next day, Ron Gardenhire justified keeping Colabello in the lineup on the basis of those six ribbies.

Colabello may, in fact, be one of the Twins' better options in the middle of the lineup. I don't have a lot of faith right now in Josh Willingham or Jason Kuebel. But the RBI stat is more an indication of who does hit in the middle of the lineup than an indication of who should.

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  1. Over analysis Ed. A hit is a hit. RBI is an RBI. I'll take 100 from any Twin any way he can get them!