Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring training trip: Coming home

All good things must end, and by the time this posts my wife and I should (Delta and the weather permitting) be wheels up and on the way back to Minnesota.

I plan some more posts out of this journey, with a bit more emphasis on the photos. That will await more time with the 200-plus photos we took.

Among the coming commentary: My take on the continuing renovation project at Hammond Stadium and the Twins complex and some chatter about what I saw on the minor league fields over the course of three mornings.

But first, packing and the flight. And a return to the real job.


  1. Your a lucky man to have a wife who will indulge you with a trip to the hall of fame and one to spring training in the space of a couple months.

  2. This hardly disputes your point -- indeed, it strengthens it -- but the Hall of Fame trip was entirely her idea. I was reluctant to make such a journey in December. Yes, I am a lucky man.