Friday, November 15, 2013

For sale: One Metrodome pitchers mound

The pitching mound is removed from the Metrodome.
My colleague Pat Christman found this little gem on the state of Minnesota's auction site: The Metrodome pitchers mound is for sale. Click on the "Pitching Mound" link on the left side of the page to get to the specifics.

Yes, the heap of dirt on which Johan Santana won two Cy Youngs, Frank Viola one, and Jack Morris threw one of baseball's most famous shutouts can be yours. (Late note: As pointed out in the comments, the "description" tab at the website says the mound was used from 2004 on, so Viola and Morris had nothing to do with this specific piece.)

This really underlines the fact that baseball in the Metrodome is done. Period, and forever.

Bidding closes Nov. 25. As of Thursday evening the site didn't show any bids, and the minimum bid appears to be $250. You have to go to Arden Hills to pick it up, though. They won't ship it.

There's a piece of me that wants this to wind up in Brad Radke's yard. (I figure he probably threw more innings off that  the Metrodome mound than anybody else.)


  1. Just looked at the description: "Used at the HHH Metrodome since March 2004".

    Were it the mound of the 2 World Series celebrations, it would had been a different story. No Viola and Morris and a bit of Radke.

    Here are the top 4 Twins in IPs from 2005 to 2009:

    Santana 911
    Silva 773
    Baker 651
    Radke 581

    so I assume the same ration applies to home games

    Johan's mound all the way

  2. Well then. OK, so it's merely the mound that stood where Viola and Blyleven and Reardon had their home office.

    I wish, with a night to sleep on it, that I had mentioned all the high school and college pitchers who've toed that rubber the past few years. More obscure, to be sure, but they're why the mound is only now being disposed of.

  3. If you follow the auction link, you will see they are also selling the right field baggy.