Saturday, September 21, 2013

Late night Twins game: Oakland 11, Twins 0

Oswaldo Arcia after his first-inning strikeout
Friday. He had two of the Twins' 13 strikeouts.
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Box score here

An 11-0 final score makes it pretty obvious that the losing team didn't do anything well enough to win, and that was certainly the case Friday night for the Twins.

They didn't hit well, they didn't pitch well, and they sure didn't field well. The Twins were charged with four errors, and anybody watching Oswaldo Arcia flounder in right field in the third inning knows that was an understatement.

Arcia lost one ball in the lights — it was ruled a double — and let another ball get past him for a two-base error in that inning as the A's scored their first three runs.

After his error, I tweeted:

That may have drawn the most response of any tweet in my admittedly skimpy tweeting career. The consensus: He's not a good outfielder, but Josh Willingham or Delmon Young are worse.

It's arguable, but all three are brutal. According to Baseball Info System's plus-minus and runs saved defensive metrics for this season:

  • Willingham (599 innings in left field) is -14 in plus-minus, -8 in runs saved. 
  • Arcia  (696 innings in left and right) is -23 and -13 combined.
  • Young (503 innings in right for the Phillies and Rays) is -19, -11. 

Plus I've never seen either Willingham or Young get hit in the head by a fly ball as Arcia did earlier in the season.

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