Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pic of the Week

How not to play a pop up, by the Chicago White Sox infield.
Perhaps you saw the incredible display of infield incompetence Tuesday night in Chicago, when White Sox third baseman Conor Gillapsie was settling under the pop-up that would end the game only to have second baseman Gordon Beckham brush by pitcher Addison Reed (who was just standing around rather than doing his job of directing traffic), stumble and take Gillapsie's legs out from under him, allowing the Mets to tie the game.

The Sox won anyway, but still ... this is 1962 Mets stuff. They've almost got to try to be this bad.

EPSN and MLB went with the Mets call on their highlights, which was amusing in its own right, with Gary Cohen suddenly squealing as "the Mets have tied the game!" But really, the call everybody wanted to hear was Hawk Harrelson's. He does not disappoint,  as transcribed by Jim Margalus of the South Side Sox blog:

Ohhhhhh ... you gotta be bleepin' me. [stolen base goes undescribed] You have GOT to be ... thisnmt, mmmghhh ... oh-and-one the count to Brown. [pause] Looooooooord have mercy. [pause] Unbelieveable. Un. Believable.

Margalus has some interesting thoughts about Harrelson, bad baseball and memories. 

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