Friday, May 10, 2013

Adventures in Baseball Reference sponsorships

Scott Diamond,
Regular readers of this blog know that each year I throw a little cash in the direction of the invaluable Baseball Reference website and sponsor the page(s) of one or more Twin or ex-Twin.

Last year I sponsored the pages of Glen Perkins and Scott Diamond.

I've let the Perkins page go to free agency, but this week I re-upped with Diamond ($45). I may at a later date pick another page to sponsor.

This is the first time I've carried a sponsorship past one year. The first year I did this, I spread a limited budget around (Michael Cuddyer, Gene Larkin, Terry Steinbach). The second year I busted the budget big time and went for Joe Mauer. Last year, Perkins and Diamond.

Diamond has become the first acknowledged MFT -- My Favorite Twin -- in years. The holders of the not-necessarily coveted title have been Bert Blyleven, Roy Smalley, Gary Gaetti, Chuck Knoblauch and Cristian Guzman. Johan Santana was an unacknowledged MFT -- I didn't realize he was MFT until he left.

So unless and until BR decides to price Diamond as if he were indeed a gemstone, I'm likely to stick with him for some time.

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