Friday, April 19, 2013

Father Time winning another one

Derek Jeter talks with trainer Steve Donohue
during spring training.
Derek Jeter isn't 28 anymore. He's 38, a well-used 38, and the list of usable major-league shortstops at his age is very small indeed.

The news Thursday that a new fracture had been found in his left ankle means he's a long way from being a usable major league shortstop right now. He's out until after the All-Star break -- at least that long.

Jeter has been more effective than most in staving off the ravages of time. But Father Time is undefeated, and  Jeter certainly is losing this year's fight.

When he returns -- and I assume he'll eventually take the field again -- he may not be at the level he has been. Sophisticated analysis of his defense has always suggested that he's not a great gloveman; managers and coaches, on the other hand, have long been awed by his reliability in the field. If these repeated fractures further diminish his already limited range,can he remain a shortstop? And if he's not a shortstop, will he still want to play?

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