Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pic of the Week

Miguel Sano awaits an at-bat Thursday night.
The sign on the dugout wall behind Miguel Sano is premature, but prophetic.

Sano is still only 19 (or so it is believed), and he has a lot of work to do — work on his defense at third base, work on hitting (or laying off) the breaking ball, work on his language skills.

That the Twins hauled him up to Tampa to play nine innings against the Yankees on Thursday night — and the attention this one-day look-see garnered — speaks to the curiosity surrounding the Dominican man-child. There's no way Sano's coming north next week; he's going to stay in Fort Myers, play in high-A ball, work with Doug Mientkiewicz and his staff,

Maybe Sano'll get to Double A later in the season. He'll get here — maybe in 2014, maybe in 2015. And when he does, it will be a new era. I believe that.

I believe that, because when I stop believing in the boundless future that awaits them, it'll be time to find a new hobby.

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