Friday, August 31, 2012

Denard to the DL

The Twins put Denard Span on the disabled list Thursday. Really, the only issue I have with the move is that, in retrospect, it should have been done more than two weeks ago, when he injured his shoulder/collarbone in a tumbling attempt at a catch.

The DL move is an odd one for Aug. 30, because the rosters expand Sept. 1. But putting Span on the DL makes it possible to bring back Matt Carson, who would not be eligible to return this soon without a corresponding disabled-list move. (He would have had to remain on the Rochester roster for 10 days from his demotion.)

Carson or no, I would still expect the Twins to find considerable playing time for Chris Parmelee while Span is out. Parmelee has started the last two games in right field, with Ben Revere playing center.

Another possibility, come September and the arrivals of the call-ups, would be someone such as Oswaldo Arcia or Aaron Hicks. (The Twins haven't named their call-ups, but those outfielders, currently playing for New Britain in Double A, would seen likely candidates.)

Meanwhile, I (and others on the outside of the organization) marvel at what appears to be yet another mishandled injury. Span was hurt on Aug. 12. He remained sidelined but on the active roster for 11 days. Then he played three of four games, then sat for three more before finally being shelved.

I'm no doctor or athletic trainer, but this kind of thing keeps happening to this team, and it's baffling.


  1. Curious--who are the others outside of the organization who are marveling at the Twins so-called mishandling of injuries? Not trying to be cute, but I've been looking into the medical staff lately and would love to know.

  2. Aaron Gleeman has been particularly vocal about it. There are other bloggers who comment on the subject occasionally, but few as pointedly as Gleeman.

  3. Aaron is often vocal, that doesn't make him right, or even on the right track. It would certainly be possible to throw someone on the DL as soon as they come down with an oowie. I don't know that would be an answer either. I can remember Aaron suggesting Tommy John surgery almost as soon as a player's elbow starts hurting. Since surgery should be a last resort, I wouldn't pay a lot of attention to blog writers opinions on this kind of issue.