Monday, June 4, 2012

Draft day: Afternoon edition

Following up on the morning post:

  • Jim Callis of Baseball America's Mock Draft 4.0 kept the status quo for the top two picks: Still Mark Appel to the Astros, Bryon Buxton to the Twins.
  • Jonathan Mayo of has the same top two in his draft day mock, Appel first, Buxton second.
  • BA has revised its top 50 draft prospects list. Buxton is still on top, but Carlos Correa is now No.2. It had been Mike Zunino second; he's dropped to No. 4, with Appel third.

The Astros are telling people they have five players they're trying to decide among; this is seen as a negotiation ploy, intended to entice Appel to accept less than the designated No.1 slot money (but more than he'd get if he slips to No. 2 or lower).

Tonight will be the first 60 picks -- first round and supplemental first round. The Twins have three selections in those rounds -- No. 2, 32 and 42. There's a widespread expectation that one of those latter two pick will be used on Mitch Brown, right-handed pitcher from Rochester Century. He's No. 44 on the BA top 50 rankings.

First pick gets thrown out a bit after 6 p.m. our time. Draft will be broadcast on MLB TV.

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