Wednesday, September 14, 2011

200 for Wakefield (finally)

Tim Wakefield: 200-178.
Tim Wakefield collected career win 200 on Tuesday. It took him eight starts and a long relief appearance to get from 199 to 200, a protracted delay caused by some poor pitching on his part and some poor work on the part of his teammates. He was 0-3 in those nine games; the Red Sox won two of them.

So we now have an active 200-game winner, whether or not Jamie Moyer makes it back to the majors. Of course, there no guarantee either Moyer or Wakefield will ptich in the majors in 2012, so the same historical rarity I wrote of earlier may still apply.

Roy Halladay is the next up; he has 186 wins, so -- assuming good health -- he'll likely get to the milestone next season.

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