Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow and spring training

This is the thought that sustained me this morning as I shoveled the driveway for the umpteenth time this season:

Today is Jan. 11. The Twins pitchers and catchers report on Feb 17. Thirty-seven days to spring training. 

I didn't attempt to calculate how many days it would be before I go ... that won't be until March. But I am going. Plane tickets purchased, hotel reservations made, and, on the morning single game tickets for the Grapefruit League games went on sale, game tickets ordered in a half-hour duel with the online system.

As the snowpiles at the end of my driveway once again edge toward eye-high on this 6-footer, it becomes increasingly difficult to wait.

Blog readers -- or at least those who participated in last week's poll -- look more favorably upon the Hall of Fame candidacy of Jeff Bagwell than does the actual electorate. Bagwell got 41 percent of the vote announced last week; 25 of my 40 respondents (62 percent) said yes to Bagwell, 15 (38 percent) said no.

New poll up.


  1. Ed - You mean 2011 in your poll.. Regarding Bags - MLB benefited from his presence, the stats count, he's a HOFer...someday.

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  3. I actually mean 2012. The votes are in for 2011. This is one of my check-writing moments when I don't know what year I'm in ...