Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nishioka first, then Hardy

The Twins typically lie in the background at the annual winter meetings. That may not be the case this year. Or it might be.

The priority is getting Japanese infielder Tsuyoshi Nishioka signed. If and when that happens, then they can get serious about using an infielder -- not to name names, but J.J. Hardy -- as a trade chit. The Twins front office is not given to dashing into minefields, and they're not likely to move their starting shortstop before locking in Nishioka.

LaVelle Neal reports that the Twins and  Nishioka's agent met repeatedly Monday and exchanged contract offers. They don't have to sign Nishioka this week, but the sooner the better.

Neal also names six teams as having shown interest in Hardy. I'm privately pleased to note that all six were among the ones I listed as possible trade partners here, although there are some on that list who probably should be hunting for a longer-term shortstop -- meaning one younger and cheaper than Hardy. What the point would be for the Pirates or Orioles to import Hardy is unknown to me.


  1. Yes, the Twins would be wise to get Nishioka signed first.

    BTW, Ed, I want to thank you for keeping us up to date on the baseball news through the off-season, especially since the FP pretty much ignores baseball after the World Series and the yearly awards.

  2. I agree. This is a treat for me to be able to sit and keep up to date like this. Thanks.