Thursday, February 25, 2010

Twitter me this

Ozzie Guillen is on Twitter now, posting such gems as 3 day of Spring Training and im already boreddddddd and Estoy lleno un anisito no cae mal ustedes que viene prendan fosforos.

Because he's Ozzie Guillen, and because he has earned a reputation for having no governor between his brain and his tongue, and because it's really easy to be misunderstood in 140 characters, this is seen as risky business.

To which Ozzie says (not, obviously, as a tweet):

"I guess I can't have fun. I flunked in school five times, and I never had as much trouble as I'm having right now. Why do I have to explain to people why I'm doing this? Like I said, I talked to (general manager) Kenny (Williams) about it, it's not anything that involves the ballclub.

"There are a lot of people in baseball that have Twitter. Why me? Why do I have to explain why I have Twitter? Obviously, I know I'm the manager of the team and the face of the ballclub, but there are a couple guys out there, I won't say any names, that have Twitter.

"I guess they're not famous, or people don't care about it. The one thing I promise people, well I don't have to promise, but (owner) Jerry (Reinsdorf) and Kenny. It's nothing to do with the White Sox. I hope I don't have to say I got in a fight with my wife last night.''

I hope not too, Ozzie.

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