Friday, January 22, 2010

Notes, quotes and comments

When you have problems, you can't hide. When you know you don't do right, you need to do something and ask for help.

— Detroit Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera (right) on his alcoholism rehab. The slugger, who had a notorious drinking binge late in the season as the Tigers blew the divisional title, says he hasn't had a drink since October.


The Twins are linked to free agent Jim Thome? Really? I don't see the point of making the lineup slower and even more left-handed, even if he figures to come cheap.


A player who might have been a fit with the Twins is Gary Matthews Jr., at least at the price the Mets are paying for him. But the Angels moved him for almost nothing because he's not willing to fill the fourth outfielder role, and that's what he'd have been in Minnesota, so I can't be too upset that he's going to Citi Field.

The Met will be paying Matthews about a million this year and next, which isn't horrendously out-of-line for a veterans reserve CF, and he is at least insurance on Carlos Betran's knee surgery. The Angels will pay $21 million-plus to have him on somebody else's roster, which is something they probably should have foreseen when they signed him to that ridiculous contract.

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