Sunday, October 25, 2009

Poll results: Grass is always greener

The poll on the Twins third-base job is now closed, and the results suggest that the readers (a) aren't sold on Matt Tolbert and (b) want something new.

Danny Valencia, who didn't get a September call-up, got eight of the 15 votes (53 percent). Tolbert, who hit .232 for the season but .333 in September-October as he got regular playing time, got three votes (20 percent). Joe Crede got 2 votes (13 percent), as did a return to 2007's platoon of Brendan Harris and Brian Buscher.

Most of my polls have gotten at least 20 votes (not that 20 is that impressive a number), and the missing five votes might mean that the four options listed didn't appeal to a fourth of the the usual crowd.

I had intended to put up a World Series poll today, but with the ALCS not yet complete, that will wait.

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