Friday, May 22, 2009

Morales sent back out

You've gotta feel a little for Jose Morales.

He was sent back to Triple A Rochester after Thursday's game. It was inevitable. Delmon Young had to to be reinstated, even through it will still be a few days before he'll rejoin the squad after his mother's funeral; a player can only be on the Family Emergency Medical List for up to seven days, and his time is up.

So Morales got shipped out. He had three hits and two walks Thursday; he's hitting a mere .358. 

That's not good enough to stick. Right.

No, I think he's a more useful player right now than Mike Redmond, but that's not the most important consideration. He's where the roster flexibility is. The Twins can send him down and still have him available. They can't do that with a veteran like Redmond. 

So Morales goes back to the minors, which is the best thing in the long run. He has defensive techniques to master, and the only way to master them is to play, which isn't going to happen in Minnesota, not as long as Joe Mauer's healthy. 

After all — .358 is good, but it isn't as good as .417.

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